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1. Apprenticeship - Labor and Industry of Washington State
L & I works with construction industry contractors via the electrical and plumbing licensure programs and general contractor registration and bonding. Visit this site to learn more about how to become an apprentice.

2. King County's Small Economically Disadvantaged Business (SEDBs) Program  Promoting the use of Small Economically Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in its procurement opportunities.

3. Governor's Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance (ORIA)
​Helps people navigate Washington's environment and business regulatory systems and works with partners to improve those systems through innovative solutions. 

4.The Regional Contracting Forum The Regional Contracting Forum is the brainchild of a Regional Collaboration Group. Comprised of representatives from Port of Seattle, City of Seattle, Sound Transit, and King County, this cross-jurisdiction strategic planning group identified the need for contractors and businesses to have better access to contracting opportunities available in government agencies across the region.

5. Washington State Office of Minority, Women Business Enterprises (OMWBE)  Information aside from the State Directory of certified minority, women and disadvantaged business enterprises. This site contains specifics on how to do business in Washington State, legislative information on minority, women and disadvantaged businesses by Washington State. The OMWBE office links to other sites of interest regarding DBE, MBE or WBE issues. Click here to view the Minority, Women, and Small Business Certification Fact Sheet. 

6. Washington State Department of Transportation Visit this site for information on the best organized Office of Equal Opportunity among state agencies.
Click here for the Audited Rates checklist, required for all WSDOT A&E projects.

7. Sound Transit Contracts Register online with e-Bid, Sound Transit's online procurement system. Potential vendors can now receive automatic email notices for contracting opportunities in their area of business. Vendors will be able to view, download or order solicitation documents, submit questions, view bid results and contract award information, as well as network with other vendors and more.

8. Sound Transit Diversity Programs Office - Small Business Resource Guide
These resources are intended to help provide general information and support services to help small businesses succeed. 

9. Sound Transit Community Engagement Resource List (download) - a quick resource list to Puget Sound area organizations that are excellent groups to connect and network with​

10. Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center (WA PTAC)
WA PTAC strives to give businesses the opportunity to thrive in the government contracting marketplace. WA PTAC has 8 locations around the state, including a new Business Assistance Center opening in Seattle on the 41st Floor of the Municipal Tower.

11. MRSC Rosters

The only directory that connects businesses with over 500 public agencies in Washington State, MRSC Rosters connects members with small public work projects, consulting opportunities, and goods and services.

12. King County's E-Procurement Supplier Portal

With King County's new e-procurement supplier portal (as of fall 2020), there is quick access to: online bidding; NAICS Industry codes; fast, easy self-regulation; self-service supplier portal; and online bid data.

13. Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC). A network of more than 30 expert business advisors working in communities across our state to help small businesses grow. Learn more and connect here.

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