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Public Involvement

PCC provides its clients in the public and private sectors with a variety of communication tools and methodologies to effectively inform affected communities and specific stakeholders about upcoming major projects. This gives our clients the opportunity to positively impact public opinion, increasing the likelihood of reaching consensus with any affected parties. Our approach for each project acknowledges the viewpoint, background and needs of diverse communities and stakeholders.
PCC approaches each public involvement project with a view towards providing a customized work plan and optimal results by:
  • Developing a detailed knowledge of the client’s goals, including relevant regulatory requirements related to the public involvement process.
  • Identifying the targeted segments of the public (e.g. stakeholders, local groups, demographics) and obtaining specific information about each group’s preferences and concerns.
  • Assisting the client with the design and appropriate distribution of written materials, aimed at informing the public about any upcoming project(s) and eliciting comments and feedback.
  • Conducting various forms of outreach and involvement activities as appropriate to each project, including public meetings, focus groups, written and telephonic surveys, and other appropriate methods of both ascertaining public attitudes and communicating the client’s message to the public.
  • Providing the client with detailed analysis of the results of the public involvement campaign on both a quantitative and qualitative level, including specific recommendations for follow-up activities.
  • Continuing follow-up and interactions with targeted communities as indicated, for as long as may be needed.

Representative Projects

King County Water Henderson/MLK CSO Project, Seattle, WA
As subconsultant to Sverdrup, Inc., provide consulting services relating to public involvement aspects of major public works project, including community and other stakeholder meetings; participation in design and distribution of flyers, notices and other project-related communication aimed at designated communities, and advice re. public involvement strategy.

King County Metro Atlantic/Central Bus Base Expansion Projects, Seattle, WA
As subconsultant to Huckell Weinman & Associates, provide services including participation in design of presentations, development of outreach strategy, and interaction with stakeholders involved in outreach and involvement process.

Sound Transit Diversity Programs Office, Seattle, WA
PCC acts as a consultant with respect to organization and facilitation of diversity-related public involvement activities, including the federally-mandated annual Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (“DBE”) goal setting process.

Sound Transit Overlake Transit Center, Redmond, WA As subconsultant to HNTB Engineering, provided services relating to public involvement, including assistance with preparation of communications material; identification of stakeholders, including business groups, community groups and government officials; facilitation of community outreach, public involvement meetings, and planning of related strategies.

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