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Regina Glenn is Awarded WTS Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award

The Port of Seattle hosted a half-day opportunity
workshop for local, small and disadvantaged business
owners on January 13, 2017, focusing on dining and
retail business opportunities at Sea-Tac Airport. PCC was delighted to serve as a facilitator for the event, and master of ceremonies.

PCC Facilitates Port of Seattle's SeaTac Airport Concessions Opportunity Summit

Regina Glenn was named the 2015 Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Awardee for the WTS Puget Sound Chapter. The Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award is awarded for efforts or initiatives in facilitating professional opportunities for women and minorities and contributing significantly to the promotion of diversity, inclusion, and multi-cultural awareness. This award honors an individual, group, or organization that has made significant contributions in promoting diversity and cultural awareness within their organization, the transportation industry, or in a project or activity that supports the goals and mission of Women's Transportation Seminar.

PCC Celebrates a great year!

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a most Prosperous New Year.I am because of you! This is a simple fact that all businesses share.  We cannot exist unless you support us… as family, friends, staff, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.
Recently, Howard Schultz won the Robert Kennedy Ripple in the World Award and shared an African Phrase Umbutu  -- "I am because of you" -- and brought home the best Holiday message I could share. Take a minute and watch this most thought provoking video.

Blessings and Joy,

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phone: 425-295-4626     email: rglenn@pccus.com

Meet Julius Brooks: OEO's New Community Engagement Manager

 Things are changing in the Office of Equal
 Opportunity in Olympia. One of  the newest changes comes in the form of the new Community  Engagement Officer.  His name is Julius Brooks and he has been on the  job since December  12, 2016. “I coordinate all different regions of  WSDOT. I make sure DBE  firms have access to WSDOT’s resources like  consultant services and  our other supportive services. I will also convey  any relevant changes to  affected communities.”  Look for more information about Julius Brooks and changes in the  OEO office in the upcoming  WSDOT 520 Quarterly Report.