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Resources about Conducting Workshops and Conversations Regarding Racism: 

Facilitator and Consultant Directory, developed by Cultures Connecting, LLC.
Download to view a directory of individuals and organizations that provide DEI-focused facilitation regarding racial equity, social justice, intercultural communication and more.
Reading Resources on Regarding Antiracism and Healing

Antiracist Allyship Reading Starter Pack

Download a comprehensive listing on podcasts, films, articles and books, as well as resources for parents and teachers, and notable social media posts to follow.

Resources for Black Healing

Written by a Black social worker, this is a compilation of resources from therapists, counselors, community organizers, and others working towards healing.

Webinars by Dr. Kathy Obear regarding interrupting racism and creating inclusion
A series of free webinars by Dr. Kathy Obear that address racism in the workplace

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Reading List

Reading list of books, articles, podcasts, and Ted Talks/videos compiled by the Office of Financial Management for Washington State.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

What is a Diversity Initiative?
How to build a case for Diversity
Measuring Diversity
Reasonable Accomodations
Tips for Manager and Supervisors
Managing Cultural Change
Diversity Organizations
Inclusive bathroom signage recommendations
DEI Committee Documents

From the Office of Financial Management for the State of Washington, learn about steps to make to ensure diversity and inclusion in your workplace.

Race and Culture Resources

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