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In collaboration with Pine Street Group, PCC is the Outreach Manager for the Washington State Convention Center Addition Project. 

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    • $65 million to $70 million for diverse and small businesses
    • $18+ million to date with about 50 minority, veteran, and women-owned companies and small businesses, including scopes in architecture, engineering, surveying, commissioning, peer review, appraisal services, project controls, environmental consultants, etc.

Capitol Hill Housing's Liberty Bank Housing Project

PCC is working with Capitol Hill Housing and Walsh Construction as its Outreach Manager. In this role, PCC works directly with small and minority, women, veteran, and disadvantaged business enterprise firms. This project is located at 24th and Union in the Central District. 

WSDOT SR 520 Bridge Replacement Project

PCC is working with Forma Construction on their JOC Contract with the City of Seattle. 

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    Interested in learning how to work on the JOC Contract? Contact Forma Construction's JOC representatives:

 PCC is working with HDR Engineering on Sound Transit's final extension needed to complete light rail service between Tacoma and Seattle, Washington. The project will alleviate severely congested roadways in the South Sound corridor of I-5. As the Diversity Manager for the project, PCC is assisting small, MDVBE businesses.

PCC is working with Colette Holt and Associates as part of the study team conducting the WSDOT/FAA DBE Program Disparity Study. The study period is from 2014-2016.

Forma Construction JOC Contract with City of Seattle

PCC is working with WSDOT as its Diversity Inclusion Manager. In this role, PCC works directly with small and minority, women, and disadvantaged business enterprise firms. 

Study team members at a pre-kick-off meeting breakfast

Regina Glenn with the team at Forma Construction.

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Washington State Convention Center Addition Project 

Sound Transit Tacoma Dome Link Extension Project

Colette Holt and Associates with WSDOT/FAA DBE Program Disparity Study of 64 Airports