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 USDOT: Resource for Bonding,
 Lending, and Business Development

 ​Meet Lily Keefe, Project Director of the U.S.
Department of  Transportation - Northwest
Small Business Transportation  Resource Center.

 SBTRC is administered by the USDOT Office of Small  Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU). Lily Keefe helps  small and disadvantaged businesses work with government  agencies. She oversees 12 offices in Washington, Oregon, Idaho,  and Alaska. Her office provides an “…array of technical assistance  and support services…to make those businesses more  competitive when they bid on federally funded contracts,” she  said. Those services include a bonding education program, a  short-term lending program, free business coaching, free    workshops, and the Women in Transportation Initiative.

 Read more about SBTRC and Lily Keefe here. 

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